About Us

ClothesMakingMavens_Logo_SmallSquareWelcome to the Clothes Making Mavens podcast. Helena and Lori are two women who love to talk sewing but have exhausted the good humor of their non-sewing friends and family, so they now talk to each other! From across the continent they Skype their Sew Small Talks and discuss their obsession with garment sewing. They also interview other like-minded sewists and delight in the wonderful international sewing community.


Helena GrayAllDay.comHelena Ashbridge

Sewing constantly in sunny southern California and blogging at GrayAllDay.com was just not enough for Helena. She wanted to talk about sewing more, more, more! So she decided to start a podcast especially for the DIY Handmade wardrobe.

She’s been sewing all her life, but the craft of sewing is always evolving for her.  In her new post as BERNINA Ambassador she’s trying to look at her hobby in a new creative way. It is an exciting process and one that makes her especially interested in how other’s sewing processes evolve, too.

During various interviews and chats with her co-host, Lori, she hopes to explore the creative and technical intricacies of garment sewing, but most of all, have fun talking about her very favorite pastime!


LoriSquareLori Beckstead

Lori loves to make things: noise, a scene, friends, trouble, hay when the sun shines—but mostly she loves making clothes. Whether using knitting needles or sewing machine needles, clothes that are colourful, comfortable, and stylish are her thing. With a measure-once-cut-at-least-twice attitude, not everything turns out perfectly but it’s all part of a fun and educational DIY adventure with which you can follow along on her blog at FrivolousAtLast.com.

Producing the Clothes Making Mavens podcast with Helena seems like the perfect way for Lori to keep making noise and friends (and maybe even trouble) while spending time exploring what it means to be creative, how clothing shapes our lives, and how much damn fun making clothes can be.

Lori lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband in a cat-fur-and-fabric-scrap-filled home.

Do you have comments/ideas/questions for the podcast? Feedback is so valuable as the show gets off the ground and we discover where we want the podcast to go. If you have a deep longing to hear a specific interview, or would like to be interviewed yourself, please get in touch!