Episode #13 – Sharadha from SweetShard.com

Episode #13 – Sharadha from SweetShard.com


Download the episode here – Episode #13 – Sharadha from SweetShard.com

Get ready for some real life conversation when Lori has the chance to visit Sharadha’s closet for a tour! SweetShard.com is a beautifully styled and photographed blog and is one of our favorites, and Lori gets to dive into the details of Sharadha’s sewing journey through the clothes she’s created. It is a very unique perspective that leads them to discuss creativity, economy, photo styling and the last minute pressure to whip up something new for an event that so many of us face. You’ll want to click over to SweetShard.com for the visual accompaniment to the discussion, too. Such a fun and insightful perspective on sewing!

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