Episode #15 – Friends Talk Sewing, and so should you!

Episode #15 – Friends Talk Sewing, and so should you!

Download the episode here – Episode #15 – Friends Talk Sewing, and so should you!

Amid all the hustle of this time of year, Helena and Lori squeezed in a chat about their favorite subject, sewing. They talked about recent projects and future plans (their endless lists!) and got a chance to hear from 2 amazing bloggers. Hila from Saturday Night Stitch and Sasha from Secondo Piano recorded answers to our nosy questions, and it is such a treat to hear their perspective.

Our questions are:

1. What is your name and where can people find you online (name of your blog and/or company and/or instagram account, etc.)
2. What are you doing when you’re not sewing?
3. Why do you sew?
4. What’s on your sewing table right now?
5. What are you planning to sew in future that you’re excited about?

You also have a chance to chime in with your unique response to our questions! We’d love to hear them and perhaps feature them on a future podcast. We hope CMM can create a community by telling many different stories of our shared love of sewing.

And our friend Maven Maris from SewMaris.com is back to weigh in on the question of if she, as an advanced level seamstress, reads and follows the included pattern instructions in each pattern. When you have that much sewing knowledge, is it really necessary? Honestly, some instructions are not that great, either. We’d love to hear your thoughts on that as well! Do you always follow the directions or do you toss them to the side without a glance?

Our Special Guests:

Hila from Saturday Night Stitch

She mentions:

Sasha Secondo Piano

She mentions:

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