Episode #2 Interview: Lauren from Lladybird

Episode #2 Interview: Lauren from Lladybird

Download the episode here – Episode #2 Interview: Lauren from Lladybird

In this episode, Helena got a chance to talk to one of the sewing community’s most popular bloggers, Lauren Taylor of Lladybird.com. If you’ve read Lauren’s blog, you know that she’s a prolific and talented sewer; everything from intricate bras and coats to gorgeous dresses and jeans. You might even have taken part in one of her online Outfit-alongs, where she guides readers through not only sewing a particular garment, but also knitting a garment to match. Lauren sews with lightening speed and has sewn many Indie designer’s patterns. She teaches sewing workshops in several different cities, and is the Education Coordinator at Craft South in Nashville, where she lives. In this episode. she talks about how she’s able to fund her sewing hobby, while also making a supplemental income doing what she loves. I’ll ask her if she actually has any sewing anxieties, since she seems so fearless in the types of projects she tackles, and we talk about our twinning Berninas.

Mentioned in this podcast

Craft South in Nashville, TN

Pintuck & Purl in Exeter, NH

Workroom Social in Brooklyn, NY

Papercut Patterns

Spiegel 60609

Vogue Sewing Book

Bernina 350PE

8 thoughts on “Episode #2 Interview: Lauren from Lladybird

  1. I have followed Ladybird’s ebsite for a few years now. Her work is always impeccable, and varied. She gave sound advice to use quality materials on your projects so you are excited to to work on them. As a proud Southerner, I will be rude and say YOU were rude to call her out for her accent. Some of us may think you have an accent.

    1. Point taken! I’m sure I do. It can be a touchy thing to mention a difference to a person, so I will talk to Lauren about it. She IS an amazing seamstress and I hope the interview was enlightening for everyone.

  2. This was a super interesting episode. I thought Lauren had some really great things to say and I found myself nodding along in agreement. Can’t wait for more!

  3. Great interview with Lauren. I love her blog. Also, Lauren – you are not the only one who can’t find any decent underwear. ugh. I have the same issue. I really don’t want to start making my own either, but I feel like I have to.

  4. Lauren – it was so much fun to learn more about you! We share a love of button “up” shirt-making, and I totally agree with your philosophy about having students start making things they want to wear right away. Why spend time/money/effort on something you will never wear or use? Keep on sewing and blogging!

    Thanks Helena and Lori – great episode!

  5. hi there–i am a total beginner and will take your advice to heart about actually choosing a first project because you want to wear it, not because it’s the recommended “beginner project.” thanks!

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