Episode #29 – What we loved, hated, and learned in 2018

Episode #29 – What we loved, hated, and learned in 2018

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Lori and Helena charged through 2018 with high hopes and big dreams, but didn’t quite make their goal of not purchasing clothes for the entire year. Both still learned a lot from their experience, and they share their findings. But they didn’t learn half as much as our returning guest Emily (@fitwithemsama), who checked back in for a wrap up of her journey to learn how to sew during this year long Ready-To-Wear Fast! And Barbara’s personal challenge of trying out smaller Indie patterns reveals some gems and an appreciation of some great drafting and pattern testing.

Mentioned in this Episode

Bra-Maker’s Supply in Hamilton, ON
Lori’s yearly sewing wrap up
Helena’s yearly sewing wrap up
Butterick 6636 pattern cover with model wearing a headscarf
The Sewcialists
#sewincolour from Rumana from The Little Pomegranate
Helena’s favorite/most used patterns in 2018:
Wear Lemonade Moto Jacket – may not be a free pattern anymore
Fur Bomber McCall’s 7257
Lori’s favorite/most used patterns in 2018:
Ogden Cami
Burda Cross Over Top
Exciting new patterns:
Adrienne blouse by Friday Pattern Co.
Simplicity 8641 Overall Dress
McCall’s 7908 Utility Jumpsuit
PR Sewing Bee 2019
Dawn of Two On, Two Off who Won the 1st Sewing Bee
Helena’s Round 3 dress
Great British Sewing Bee New Season!

Barbara’s list of great Indie Patterns:
Stitch Upon a TimeBunzies, Scrundlewear
Love NotionsLaundry Day Tee
Classic Tee with FBA option
Half Zip Pullover
Patterns for Pirates
Peg Legs (free pattern)
Favorite Tee
Cocoon Cardigan
2019 Plans for Barbara
Teaching at the vintage sewing adventure in Tulsa, OK

2 thoughts on “Episode #29 – What we loved, hated, and learned in 2018

  1. I think I may be one of those “Vogue lifestyle” sewists which Barbara seems to dislike so much. Can I suggest to do some interviews with staff at the “Big 4”? You might find it’s a small company with some really talented and very nice people. I’ve never heard them speak in a negative way about other pattern companies, but did hear Carlos, the Vogue designer say the indie patterns were likely expanding the industry. There is room for everyone.
    I grew up looking at Vogue patterns as both aspirational and inspirational and was encouraged by my mother to sew designer looks. Even as she progressed in her dementia the past few years, she had to be artfully dressed, with coordinating accessories and always, always wearing lipstick. Is that the “Vogue lifestyle” Barbara finds so offensive? The last thing I made my mother was a soft, stylish knit top in pretty floral that looked like the beautiful watercolor paintings she once did. She was wearing it, with coordinating accessories, when she quietly passed away in October. I wasn’t there, but I like to think she sensed me in the soft embrace of that pretty top, made with a Vogue pattern.

  2. Denise thank you for your comments and a well-deserved shout out to Vogue – I have made many, many Vogues too. I guess as someone who has worked with many new and returning sewers my frustration has been with the instructions, which for those who rely on them, just aren’t as useful as they should be, and so often are not that up to date technically. But I certainly appreciate how more experienced sewers in particular enjoy working with Vogue patterns, about to cut one out myself, and the contribution the company has made to the sewing community!

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