Episode #7 – Sewing Contests & Sewalongs

Episode #7 – Sewing Contests & Sewalongs

Download the episode here – Episode #7 – Sewing Contests & Sewalongs

Helena and Lori chat about sewing contests and sewalongs; listeners give us their take on what makes something look handmade and whether that’s a good or bad thing; and Maven Maris gives her tips on hand-sewing.

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One thought on “Episode #7 – Sewing Contests & Sewalongs

  1. Every year I make PJs for my daughters for Christmas. Thanks to the Jalie footed pj pattern, I can continue this tradition well past childhood; I look forward to being able to embarrass them in front of boyfriends/girlfriends in the future. I also make each one a birthday dress every year which they get to design, and I relish their drawings on construction paper just as much as they love their dresses. I used to sew hand-made pressies for their teachers (tote bags, zippered pouches, flower pins), but I never got the sense that the teachers really liked them, so I don’t do that much anymore – they seem to appreciate more something that the girls have made. I usually make something for my best friend and her children, but sometimes I gift a book instead (reading is one of my other favorite hobbies that I force on people). My most ambitious gifted project was the wool coat I made for my mother-in-law last year. Her gratitude made it well worth the effort, and she brags far and wide every time she wears it. My kids get many gifts from family members and I didn’t think they would really care about something that I made. Just the opposite is true: even when they were very young, it made them so happy to have something made just for them. They seem to understand that there’s love in those stitches. And they are starting to pass that love on to other people. Just this weekend my 9-year-old sewed a stuffed sheep for her teacher’s soon-to-be-born baby.

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