Sew Small Talk #3 – Fabric Zeal

Sew Small Talk #3 – Fabric Zeal

Download the Episode here – Sew Small Talk #3 – Fabric Zeal

What do sewists talk about when they get together? Fabric! Helena and Lori find so much inspiration in fabric and they bet you do, too. This month they talk about their favorite fabrics to sew with, where they buy their treasures, the exciting possibility of designing their own, and challenges they’ve encountered. They also introduce a new regular contributor to the discussion, Maris Olsen from

Our current Sew Small Talk question is What was your proudest sewing moment?

Making a your own garment is a always a magical feeling, but what stands out as the pinnacle of pride for you? We’d love to hear! Get in touch with us in one of the following ways:

  1. Call us at 401-64MAVEN and leave your story on our voicemail. (Long distance charges may apply.)
  2. Visit and record your message using your computer’s built-in or external microphone.
  3. Leave your story in the comment form.
  4. Send your story telepathically directly to our brain. (Results not guaranteed.)

Mentioned in this podcast

Sierra of Crabigailadams
Joyce of SeamsAlright
Eagle Jacket Pattern by Vanessa Pouzet
Helena’s (2nd version) Eagle Jacket
Forward Shoulder Adjustment tutorial by Leila and Adjusting the Sleeves on a forward shoulder adjustment by Heather B.
Helena’s proudest make
Lori’s zebra dress
Designer Fabrics on Queen Street West in Toronto
King Textiles in Toronto
Leather and Sewing Supply Depot – Findings shop on Spadina Ave that Lori couldn’t remember
Activewear discussion forum in Pattern Review
Fabric for Fashion: the Swatch Book by Clive Hallett & Amanda Johnston
My Fabric Designs

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