Sew Small Talk  #1 – Introductions all around

Sew Small Talk #1 – Introductions all around

Download the episode here – Sew Small Talk #1 – Introductions

In our inaugural episode, our sewing chat focuses on introducing ourselves and the podcast. Helena and Lori give a short bio of how they got started sewing, then they dig into some Proust questionnaire questions (some with a twist!).

We are especially excited to get our entire community involved and want to hear your voice! We will ask a question each Sew Small Talk episode and would love to hear your answers to include on the following podcasts!

Our first Sew Small Talk question is What is the most embarrassing thing you ever sewed that you actually wore out in public?

Why did you wear it, and where? How did you feel? Was it embarrassing at the time or only now that you think back on it? Perhaps it was a fashion crime? Or a bad fit? Or likely it was just something that was fashionable in the 80s that you’re horrified by now.

There are several ways you can share your story with us:

  1. Call us at 401-64MAVEN and leave your story on our voicemail. (Long distance charges may apply.)
  2. Visit and record your message using your computer’s built-in or external microphone.
  3. Leave your story in the comment form.
  4. Send your story telepathically directly to our brain. (Results not guaranteed.)

5 thoughts on “Sew Small Talk #1 – Introductions all around

  1. Thank you for some sewing talk! Like you, I need a lot more of it in my life. My poor husband, bless his heart, does his best. He has even learned how to correctly use phrases like “bias-cut”, “under-stitching”, and “style-line”. The catch is, I then have to drum up phrases like “derailleur”, “cable-housing”, and “power-tap data” to talk bicycle maintenence with him! I’m looking forward to your next podcast!

    1. Thank you! I know exactly what you mean. I have to hear computer application security stories, but it is fine! A good trade-off!

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